Guest Post Opportunities

Shifts Craft is an informative blog site which is always ready to welcome new talents on board. If you are good with words and interested in sharing your views on different topics, then you can be a part of our team at Shifts Craft and contribute your skills through your writing for the blog. 

To be a part of the team and write for Shifts Craft, all you need is to provide the blog site with well-researched articles with exceptional writing and grammar. Our primary goal is to ensure the satisfaction of the readers and build-up their long-term interest on our blog site. 

Our team realizes that everyone is different and everyone can work to contribute to their role in their own way. For this reason, it is good for Shifts Craft to add new writers and talents on our team. 

What We Publish? 

Our blog site is committed to providing facts and information on a variety of subjects that draw the attention of our readers and encourage them to visit our blog site on a regular basis. And to succeed in our goal, we, at Shifts Craft cover a long list of topics and niches that serve as a common concern for all visitors on our site. Some of the most popular themes we cover are: 

  • Digital Marketing 
  • Tech 
  • Business 
  • Celebrity 
  • Entertainment  
  • Lifestyle 
  • Cryptocurrency 
  • Education 
  • Health 
  • Home Decor 
  • Automotive 
  • Sports 

As it is obvious from the list mentioned above that we have a diverse platform that covers many niches that attracts all types of readers. When writing a guest post for Shifts Craft blog site, you can choose any of the above topics that you find comfortable in writing on our website. 

Guest Post Guidelines

The Write For Us program of Shifts Craft requires new writers and talents to join our team. If you can provide unique and engaging blog posts that will catch your readers’ attention, you are most welcome to our team. 

However, to make your articles get published on our blog site, you need to follow some strict guidelines that will also help you create a unique piece or art that is sure to get approved by our editor. Follow the guidelines below to create article according to our site’s standards and requirements: 

  • The standard length of an article should be 700 words 
  • Use an easy to understand tone and simple words that can be comprehended by the general audience  
  • Make your sentences in active voice and try avoiding passive voice as much as you can 
  • Try to write shorter sentences instead of longer ones  
  • The content that you submit should be original and free from plagiarism 
  • Use the keywords wisely across the length of your article 
  • Use the keyword intent correctly  
  • Follow the standard density for keywords. Try not to overdo it 
  • Be creative with your writing to attract the readers 
  • Research thorough on the topic and collect the facts before starting to write on it 
  • You can choose and trending or current topic that might interest the readers 
  • Avoid selecting any sensitive topic like drugs, alcohol or child abuse. 
  • Create a content that is free from grammatical errors and contains perfect sentence structures   

How To Submit Your Article? 

When you are ready to write for our website, you can email us your sample. The email will be sent directly to our editors who will determine if your article is suitable for publication on our website. 

It’s best to share some basic information about yourself along with your submission. If you want to publish an article, we recommend that you read the above guidelines carefully and write the article accordingly. 

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